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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Review - Bigger Isn't Always Better

The video game industry has had its fair share of franchises. From Prince of Persia featuring the eponymous prince to the late Medal of Honor featuring the blood soaked beaches of Omaha Beach. Many franchises like these usually ended from horrible reviews and installments, to a dearth of innovation made in the genre. Where some franchises made headlines with their innovative new features, some games simply couldn't keep up and simply withered away.

Time hasn't been nice to many franchises that were prominent a mere couple of years ago. Franchises like Call of Duty have succumbed to their inferiority in the innovative part in the industry and its publishers have solely resorted to milking every ounce of their once beloved cash cow.
Assassin's Creed used to be a leading series in this industry, pioneering many features that proved to be successful and popular concomitantly. Like it or not, the Hidden Blade and parkour first became prominent in games from Assassin's Cree…