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The Glaring Issue in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online was released by Rockstar Games in November and was viewed as, not a spectacular, but a semi-good addition to Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course, as it is in beta, people gave the game a free pass, but after 6 months of constant beta updates and additions, it has become pretty clear that this game suffers from a considerable issue that everyone seems to overlook.

The issue stands with a simple question. What is Red Dead Online trying to make its players feel? It is, to some extent, an identity problem.

Red Dead Redemption 2 made you feel like a thug and an outlaw running for your life. If indulged in the plethora of mini games and activities, you might even feel like a legendary Wild Westerner at heart. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey nails it perfectly to make you feel like a mercenary for hire. Horizon: Zero Dawn made you feel like an outcast in its huge world. But what does Red Dead Online make us feel?

Red Dead Online drops you in its huge and extremely detailed world,…