7 Reasons Why Days Gone is Worth a Purchase

With the release date of Days Gone right around the corner, the Bend Studio's marketing team have racked up efforts to jump start the game's marketing campaign. Besides, after numerous delays and let downs, they need to do something to ignite the flame of excitement in their fans.

But after their recent gameplay footage and offering a demo to the world, we have finally seen the full power of Days Gone, and it has started to shape up and become another Playstation exclusive hit on Sony's hands.

After learning and seeing so much, I have compiled this list about 7 reasons why Days Gone is worth a day one purchase, and 2 reasons on why it shouldn't.

Without further a do,

It's a Playstation Exclusive

Let's face it, Sony has been dominating the console race since it released the PS4. The reason for its dominance, its exclusives. Almost all of them have been near masterpieces, abashing Xbox users.

Just seeing Days Gone on the exclusive list makes us guarantee that it's going to be a content heavy and polished game. Tell me, when was the last time you played an exclusive and felt disappointed? You can't remember, right?

Games like The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Spider Man are all great. And Days Gone might as well join the list because it uses the same formula, it's a story heavy, singleplayer game.

The World

Days Gone takes us to a setting never before visited in the genre, and that's the Pacific north-west. This means we, with Deacon, will ride through vast meadows, titanic and dense pine forests, as well as hot and burning deserts. It's going to be interesting seeing a huge ''zombie'' horde running past dunes to eat you.

Days Gone's developers have accentuated that their created open world is like no other. Don't expect happy and colorful things, as the world is dangerous, littered with infected and humans alike. Even the color palette is gray for christ's sake.

It's also interactive as you need to maintain relationships with different factions to earn unique and powerful gear, and to keep your hide.

The bike

The best way to traverse this dangerous and grim world is through Deacon's bike. To best explain this bike is that it sort of functions like your horse in Red Dead Redemption 2, minus the feeding and cleaning part.

In order to get anywhere, you need your bike. So you better be careful and protect it with your life from enemies as you'll later need resources to repair it. You also need to keep an eye on your gas meter, as the game won't be lenient.What I mean is that you will physically have to leave your bike behind and go find gas.

It also has its own progression. You'll have to find supplies and resources to upgrade different parts of the bike. Upgrade the shroud to increase defense from enemies, upgrade the gas tank to travel longer, upgrade the nitrous for speed bursts from hordes.


Days Gone features a huge array of zombies. Alright, they're not actually zombies. The developers insist they're called Freakers. So let me start from the beginning.

Days Gone features a huge array of Freakers. So much that we didn't get to see all of them in the demo.
There are swarmers, newts, screamers, breakers and many more. There's even a hierarchy, like swarmers are able to attack and kill newts.

Days Gone is the only game that "zombies" eat, shit, travel and sleep in a horde. They even have patterns, like in the morning they're way less dangerous that at night.

It's going to be super excited and super freaky having a horde of more than 300 freakers running behind me.
Just by watching Deacon in the demo escape the freaker horde, I was already holding my breath. I might as well pass out during actually playing the damn game.

The Story

Days Gone will follow Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter trying to survive, through a story about loss, desperation, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret and love.

The story takes place exactly 2 years and 1 day from the outbreak. Follow Deacon as he searches the desolate post-apocalyptic land in search of a new hope after the so-called death of his dear wife.

Deacon, through his journey, will uncover many secrets and hidden treasures of what really caused the pandemic. There are many questions to be answered like did Nero have a hand in the infection?

It even features a new way of assigning story missions, as the game tells multiple plots at the same time.Will you choose playing as a bounty hunter maintaining trust within your faction/cult? Or will you be the loving husband trying to find hope and peace?

The Combat

Days Gone features a myriad of weapons, spanning from ranged to melee. And it's not that simple acquiring all of them, as you need to find supplies and resources to craft and repair some of them, or you need to accumulate enough trust within an encampment to access unique weapons.

Every situation is choice driven. You can choose to go on guns blazing, depending on your ammunition, or go in stealthily, stabbing and using your crossbow through the horde.

The game also has this super handy Focus mechanic, where you slow down time during combat. This will prove to be super useful against the huge hordes, where you need to slow down and analyze the situation.

 The Newts

The newts that I mentioned above are simply infected children. They don't attack you unless provoked.

Now, adding children that could be killed in games stands to be controversial. Just look at other games. You can't kill children in Assassin's Creed and Red Dead Redemption II, they were even non-existent in GTA.

So, kudos for the developers to defy convention and let us breath some fresh air in video games.

But this doesn't mean that the game is impeccable.There are some things that I hope would not be present in the final product. Below are the reasons why Days Gone could not be worth a day one purchase.

Frame Rate Drops

Sure, having a huge horde of freakers is enticing to me, you, or any other gamer out there, but it could not be fun for your poor console. There have been many games that have thrown hundreds upon hundreds of NPCs on the screen, and have made frame rates drop sharply, or even make consoles crash.

I hope my poor, base PS4 can handle the hordes and the hundreds of freakers piling up on my screen, because if not, I'm going to be disappointed.

Talking to Myself

There was a study conducted long ago that smart people tend to talk to themselves, and this has shown true in many video games that I've played where the main protagonist talks to themselves.

Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed: Origins and many more feature characters that talk to themselves.

But excessive self-talking, to the point where 90% of the dialogue spitted out of the character's mouth is superfluous, and tends to irritate me and many others. Deacon's excessive self-talking is mostly useless as he shouts "fuck...","shit..." and "pieces of shit" everytime he shoots a weapon.

Accompanied by his immoderate and distracting heavy breathing, I'm going to find it way harder to immerse myself.

Days Gone releases in April 26. Will you be picking it up? Or are you going to wait for reviews or for a sale? Post your opinion down in the comments section and let's start a discussion!


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