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7 Reasons Why Days Gone is Worth a Purchase

With the release date of Days Gone right around the corner, the Bend Studio's marketing team have racked up efforts to jump start the game's marketing campaign. Besides, after numerous delays and let downs, they need to do something to ignite the flame of excitement in their fans.

But after their recent gameplay footage and offering a demo to the world, we have finally seen the full power of Days Gone, and it has started to shape up and become another Playstation exclusive hit on Sony's hands.

After learning and seeing so much, I have compiled this list about 7 reasons why Days Gone is worth a day one purchase, and 2 reasons on why it shouldn't.

Without further a do,
It's a Playstation Exclusive Let's face it, Sony has been dominating the console race since it released the PS4. The reason for its dominance, its exclusives. Almost all of them have been near masterpieces, abashing Xbox users.

Just seeing Days Gone on the exclusive list makes us guarantee that it…

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