How Red Dead Redemption II Defies Modern Gaming

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I'm not going to be one of those assholes who'll walk down the streets and shout "Modern gaming sucks!!". I'm not one those stereotypes.

In fact, I believe modern gaming is better. The current generation of games cannot be rivaled since they have Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, God of War, The Witcher and so much more.

The last week or two, I've spent all of my free time immersing myself in the world of Red Dead  Redemption 2. While I'm still in chapter 3 and maybe put in about 20 or so hours, I have formed quite a few opinions on the game.

I've come to the conclusion that Red Dead Redemption 2 defies modern gaming as a whole. Actually, it might usher in a new age of gaming.

If you tell me to describe modern gaming, I'm likely to say fast-paced, action-packed, huge sandbox worlds, multiplayer... but most importantly I will stress on fast-paced gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has decided to defy the rules of modern gaming. And let me tell you how.

By fast-paced, I mean a plethora of ways and places you can fast travel to. In Assassins Creed: Origins and in Odyssey, you can fast travel to any town or viewpoint you've synchronized. The same can be said to Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Witcher 3 also lets you fast travel by signposts.

Red Dead Redemption 2, on the other hand, does have a fast travel option. But it's hidden and needs to be unlocked. Even if you unlocked it, you're not going to use it a lot since you can only fast travel from camp to a discovered location. The game wants you to embrace its slow pace. While other games strive to implement complicated fast travel features, in Red Dead 2 it seems it's a feature added in the last minute.

The slow pace is also evident in its storytelling.

The game's first 10 hours or so, around maybe half of the second chapter is spent by completing bonding missions with your gang mates. Y'know, the occasional "Let's go hunting" or "Let's go for a horse ride" or even "Let's go for a drink". Modern games usually do all these in a duration of one or two hours. Red Dead 2, however, takes its time.

It also shows in its photo mode as well. Though this isn't that significant, almost all games nowadays you can press both analog sticks and take a picture in-game of you committing a homicide. In Red Dead 2, you need to choose the camera from your satchel or toolkit, which is consierably slower.

Enough of this talk, let me talk a bit about the world.

All the game's mentioned above and other games, like Fallout 3 and 4 have huge and mesmerizing worlds. But even though they're beautiful and interesting, they're just a map, a sandbox to satisfy your sadistic needs. You can stand still and literally the entire game map will stand still with you. You stop doing missions, and everything in the world will stop advancing.

Red Dead 2's world isn't a sandbox, it's a world. Stand still and the houses that are being built will continue to be built. Your actions will change the world around you like townfolk remembering you and reminding you of that fight you had with that asshole, Tommy.

It also defies modern gaming trends. Red Dead 2, thankfully, hasn't joined the singleplayer genocide that Activision and EA are committing. Instead of rushing a story like most modern games, the game offers the player around 60 hours of story. And till now, where I've reached, the story is simply splendid.

This is why I believe Red Dead 2 is not just a game. After Red Dead 2, Assassins Creed is just a game, GTA is just a game, Fallout is just a game. But Red Dead 2 is a rebel. And that's why I believe it's the best game ever made, next to The Last of Us, of course.

What are you're opinions on this matter? Are you enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2 or not? Do you agree with me? Express yourself down in the comments section, and let's have a discussion!


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