Why is Fortnite So Damn Popular?

Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, FORTNITEEE...

Everywhere I look, I see Fortnite. I thought school would be safe because phones are not allowed, but someone has vandalized the wall. Every time I go down for the break, I see a huge "Fortnite" written on the wall.

I believe that Fortnite is a pretty slick game, and I used to play a lot. And I mean a lot. But the last couple of seasons I've started to lose interest. The fact that it's everywhere, literally everywhere, has driven me crazy.

For the last few days, I 've embarked on a journey to find out why is Fortnite so damn popular. I've finally found the answer, and I'm going to feast your eyes on why so many people like this damn game. Let's face it, 78.3 million is not a small number!


I thought graphics in video games don't matter, but Fortnite taught me otherwise.

The first thing we notice when we play Fortnite are the graphics. While it does look like a PS2 game, I have to say that the graphics work. Let me explain...

You can't make PUBG or COD cartoonish because their graphics are realistic. The silliness will look like it's forced or sort of flawed. You can't really step out of the realistic tone since the graphics won't let it. It's unlikely that you will see a man riding a rocket in real life.

In Fortnite, the graphics are cartoonish and fits with everything. This allows it to have crazy moments like loot chests, rocket ridings, and boogie bombs. Its graphics allow to literally incorporate anything into the game, like Thanos and a world cup stadium, even crazy and colorful skins and emotes.

You can't have that in realistic looking games.


What I didn't expect an online shooter to have is a story. The world of Fortnite actually has a story.

An asteroid hits the island and from it, the visitor skin emerges and starts prepping a rocket to hit Tilted, while the island's superheroes try to stop him. Instead, the rocket creates a huge portal to other time periods. When the portal finally closes, a huge purple cube emerges and starts leaving marks on the island. After disappearing in Loot Lake, it tears a huge chunk of it and creates a floating platform and corrupts parts of the island.

That's pretty much the story. The story is also told through other means like means like loading screens and skins.

The story sparks a thrilling interest to many, with a lot of people wanting to know what's going to happen next. Sometimes it also adds new gameplay features like the hop rockets.

Even though I've stopped played, I still follow and like the lore of the island. What Epic Games can do to a small island really opens my eyes.

It's Optimized

Now I haven't played PUBG, but just by watching it, I feel how clunky it is. The gameplay is not smooth, and I've read a lot about fps and resolution.

Fortnite, however, I play at 60fps on PS4. It doesn't feel clunky and it runs very smooth. It's not the smoothest game I've played but it is smooth.

I don't know what else to talk about in here other than it's smooth. But I did put this up because I feel like it's contributing to the success. If a game suffers from fps drops and constant lagging, then it's not going to be enjoyable, especially if its battle royale, since every second is precious for your survival.

It's Accessible

Do you know what Fortnite costs? It's gratis. That's right, that means free.

Anyone can get the game on any platform, and I do mean any platform. Mobile, console, pc, portables, anything. The game can even run on low-end computers and mobiles because it's not demanding.

Fortnite has become a household name since literally anyone can get it, broke or rich. Even if you don't play, you hear about it on a daily basis, either from your friends, or social media, or even the news!

Because of this, the demand for Fortnite has skyrocketed. Everyone is creating Fortnite content because they can and it's in demand. Probably your social media feeds are littered with Fortnite content.

Constant Updates

Epic knows how to keep things fresh in their game. Every week, I assure you, a new weapon, consumable or trap will be added to the game.

Now I believe these constant updates add pointless things to the game, but many gamers just log in to check out the new stuff.

Well, that's it. These are the reasons I believe this game is so damn popular. Fortnite has just destroyed every competition it has, and it's still going strong, unfortunately.

This game for me has become an epidemic. I can't speak to a fellow gamer without Fortnite making its way to the conversation.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you play Fortnite or "better" games? Why do you think this damn game is so popular? Post your opinion down in the comment section and let's have a discussion.


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