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Did Joel Doom Humanity in The Last of Us?

I know it's late, 5 years too late, but I finally got to experience this masterpiece of a game back in August.

When I finished The Last of Us, I couldn't stop thinking about that ending. How can my Joel, MY Joel, do something like that?

By the looks of it, Joel doomed humanity by saving Ellie. But I knew there was more to this than just a cookie cutter ending. There had to be more!!

After watching a dozen videos and reading several forum posts, I finally answered the question that was stuck in my head. That question being "Did Joel doom humanity?".

Throughout the game, Joel and Ellie make their way through several states to reach the Firefly lab and reverse engineer a vaccine from Ellie. A vaccine that is the only hope left for humanity.

Joel outright murdering the Fireflies seemed like you destroyed the 20 or so hours prior of reaching the ending. The game had no purpose anymore, The entire time we are told the vaccine will save humanity, and BAM, Joel steps in and…

Why is Fortnite So Damn Popular?

Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, FORTNITEEE...

Everywhere I look, I see Fortnite. I thought school would be safe because phones are not allowed, but someone has vandalized the wall. Every time I go down for the break, I see a huge "Fortnite" written on the wall.

I believe that Fortnite is a pretty slick game, and I used to play a lot. And I mean a lot. But the last couple of seasons I've started to lose interest. The fact that it's everywhere, literally everywhere, has driven me crazy.

For the last few days, I 've embarked on a journey to find out why is Fortnite so damn popular. I've finally found the answer, and I'm going to feast your eyes on why so many people like this damn game. Let's face it, 78.3 million is not a small number!
Graphics I thought graphics in video games don't matter, but Fortnite taught me otherwise.
The first thing we notice when we play Fortnite are the graphics. While it does look like a PS2 game, I have to say that the gr…