Why Red Dead Redemption Is Going To Be Phenomenal

Around a month from now, a game is going to grace our world. Many people will be enlightened by the mere beauty that is Red Dead Redemption 2!!

I played the first one in 2017. While it didn't feel magnificent to me due to the outdated controls and graphics, as well as the huge and empty world, it did have a great story that I was invested in.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the most highly anticipated game of the year, simply because people want to experience John Marston's past life or just want the plain Rockstar Games experience.

Without further a due, here are the reasons why Red Dead Redemption 2 will simply be phenomenal.

It's Set in 1899 America

This might be just me, but for all those history lovers out there, Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be a treat.

The Wild West is not an era that has been explored in gaming a lot. The game will explore how America is finally taming the West and how outlaws must abandon their old lives or be hanged.

It's great to play a game that is going to be filled with history, without actually fighting Templars and collecting Pieces of Eden. I'm looking at you Assassin's Creed. 

Your Own Posse

Probably the newest and most exciting feature of the game is your own posse. Since you're Dutch's right-hand man,  you're going to be responsible for the gang members' well-being.

You've got to interact with them, help them with their daily lives, you've got to feed them even.

Your own posse will change their location as the story progresses. Since it's a group on the run from lawmen, so you've got to keep the morale of the group high as well.

There are just too many things to say about the posse that I can write a whole new post, but there's no doubt that Rockstar Games will nail every gang member. None of them will feel dull in any way.

When was the last time you met a boring character in a Rockstar game? Yeah, I can't remember as well.

Red Dead Online

Online is probably going to be a controversial feature in the game, but if Rockstar does not mess this up, it could simply be awesome.

Just imagine, you and your friends racing around the Western desert and killing bandits.

That's really it, I can't really write about Online extensively since it remains a mystery, but it could be the next best thing, if of course, Rockstar doesn't sell us flying horses with real money.

The Story

The story will tell us about the notorious Van der Linde gang, how the rapidly modernizing America is going to have a toll on the gang, and as well as our MVP, Arthur Morgan.

It's evident that Rockstar is aiming to tell us a story of many feeling and emotions, how the gang is slowly ripping itself apart and how Dutch is slowly drifting into insanity. It's also going to explore how Arthur is going to struggle in the new world, knowing full well, he must abandon his old life to survive.

We should not forget that Arthur Morgan is also an outlaw, so alongside the emotional story, we're going to experience a variety of heists and the crimes he's going to commit.

Horse Simulator

We can finally name our horse!!

Horses, in this game, are very important. You need to keep a consistent relationship with your horse, so don't go off and start cheating with other horses, you filthy pig.

Yeah, horse relationships were in the first game, but the biggest change is that there are different breeds now. For chasing missions, get a fast horse. Every horse seems like they're going to have different abilities like speed, stamina, and strength.

The fancy lady from the gameplay video said: "Some breeds are better suited for certain tasks". You heard her.

Did I mention we can name them as well? Mine's going to be Callus.

The Open World

Rockstar has become really clear that this world is the most expansive and most alive one they've ever done. Knowing they're Rockstar, they're pros by now.

Just by watching the gameplay trailer, you can notice how much work has gone into this world and its details.

This is a world that dynamic, where you can make friends or enemies judging by your actions. And just like in the first game, we're going to see different side-quests, and my favorite of all, gang hideouts.

And recently, Rockstar games just announced that there are about 200 kinds of animals, birds, and fish, including bears, vultures, wolves, and cats. That's a huge number we're talking about.


This game is literally the definition of reality. Rockstar Games have catered a lot about the details in this game, and it's simply too much to write. 

Realistic reload and recoil, real-time hair growth, construction buildings finish, you can get mud onto your clothes and people will react badly, people will remember the crimes you committed, you can gain and lose weight, as well as your equipped weapons appear on Arthur.

Hmm, let me think, oh yeah, your horse's balls shrink in cold weather.

You were waiting for that, didn't you?

Lots of Other Features

The game has added a lot of other cool features that are simply awesome, some of them are:

  • You can play the game in first-person
  • You can disable the HUD
  • Improved Cinematic Camera
  • You can inspect almost anything
  • A kill cam
  • Breaking enemy weapons
  • Improved Dead Eye
  • Customizable guns
  • Crafting weapons
  • Your guns can degrade and jam
  • Improved melee combat
  • Better hunting mechanics
  • A new camera
  • You can swim
That's it. These reasons are why Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be crazy.

There are still many more reasons to talk about, like the improved combat, as well as the honor system, and many more.

These are just my opinions on why the game is going to be great. Are you also waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2's release? Comment down below what you like and let's have a discussion.


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