7 Reasons Why Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Will Be Awesome

Huge Assassin's Creed fan here. And with Assassin's Creed: Odyssey about a month before release, the hype is through the roof.

Ubisoft: Quebec has worked to deliver us gamers a game that looks like an Origins DLC but introduces enough stuff to be a standalone title.

Anyway, I'm not here to hate on the game. I've played it, and it's simply amazing.

So, stop playing that stupid game called Fortnite, and feast your eyes on these 7 reasons why Assassin's Creed: Odyssey will be just amazing.

Keep in mind, the following are just my opinions, so don't lynch me in the comments.

Bounty System

The bounty system in this game, in and of itself, is another new game of its own.

It's so much different from Origins. Bounty hunters or mercenaries, whatever you want to call them, come with different tiers, levels, and special abilities.

They'll show up trying to hunt you when you've committed crimes across the Greek Archipelago.

The best part is, it's not just fighting them to kill, you can also recruit them to be part of your crew, putting their mighty skills to good use.

They also have really frieightening names, sort of, like Arete the Shark-Toothed, Agaua Boiler of Blood, and last but not least, Iphitos the Oversea.

Being Rude

You're standing there, a powerful mercenary that has slaughtered armies, wearing strong and shiny armor, when an old lady shows up to ask your help saving her cat. You, being the protector of Greece, reply "Who do you think I am, lady?"

That's right, I was excited when the developer said that you can be rude to people in the game.

I love RPG games, not because I can explore the world however I want and choosing to kill who I want to kill. I love them because I can satisfy my urge to be rude to NPCs.

There's nothing more entertaining than watching Alexios burst, shouting at someone, and then seeing that NPC's smile fade from their face, rethinking their life choices...

Boss Battles

You see that? The creature in the picture is Medusa, and we're going to fight her.

Fighting her was fun and challenging. It's nice to see that Ubisoft is transforming mythological creatures into great and exhilarating boss battles.

The redefined combat system really compliments these boss battles as it makes them much more challenging.

I'm surely going to track every last one of them!


We no longer have to ride huge swathes of desert.

In this new installment, we will explore a variety of biomes. Yes, I mean volcanic island, beaches, paradise island, underwater locations, and snow-capped mountains.

It's going to be cool. Imagine you finishing your enemy and in the background, a huge volcano exploding.

It sort of adds variety to the world. In Origins, 95% of the game map was covered with sand.


Don't get me wrong, the combat in Origins was good. But if you dissect and look into it deeper, you'll realize it's just the same thing over and over again.

It was fun, for a short while. I was bored as I literally pushed the same buttons to take down enemies. And for some reason, the developers included a very short amount of animations.

But in Odyssey, I can write a completely new post explaining to you guys the combat. It's not going to be boring as this time around you can use your acquired skills from the skills tab in combat.

The game has a huge amount of skills, some of them are going to take ages to unlock. The combat will never be boring as everyone are going to use different skills.

It's not just about using acquired skills in combat, your health will not regenerate,  meaning you can't just hide behind a shield, which you don't have. You're going to have to fight strategically.

You're basically creating your own combating system within the game.

The way you dress your character is way different than Origins. You can't just go and buy an outfit from a weaver. Each armor piece has its own perks. Meaning you got to dress Kassandra in a way to compliment your chosen fighting style.

Ugh, enough about the combat, let's move on.

Time Period

If you thought  Origins was a long time ago, then think again. Odyssey takes place in 431 BCE Greece, during the Peloponnesian war, a golden age of gods, heroes, beauty, and war.

Forget about deserts and dry barren lands. We're going to be exploring Ancient Greek ruins, tombs, and forests. Yes, forests, we didn't have that in Origins.

During this time period, Greece was in a civil war between Athens and Sparta. And the coolest part is, you choose sides. You can fight for Sparta or Athens since you're just a mercenary and you'll fight with however pays you more.

Naval Battles

Last but not least, naval battles return from Black Flag. And it's awesome.

We're going to shoot other ship with arrows and spears since cannons hadn't been invented yet.

When you ram a ship, there's a chance you can break it in half, imagine that.

But the coolest thing is, you can't just walk in a bar and recruit 50 crew members, like in Black Flag or Rogue.

You literally have to go out there and choose who you want to join your crew. Each crew member has it's own abilities, helping you out at sea. And they're not going to work for free, they have families to feed y'know, so you have to pay them to join, that's crazy.

Yeah, upgrading your ship to become more powerful is cool, yeah sure. But you know what's better, customizing your ship. You can change the color and appearance of the ship, all the way to what your crew even wears.

There you go. These reasons are why Odyssey is going to be great.

I know a lot of fans are saying that this is not Assassin's Creed, but the franchise either had to change or die off.

What are your opinions on the matter? Will you be playing Odyssey when it comes out? Are you hyped or just meh? Write your opinion down in the comments and let's have a discussion!


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