Why Fallout 76 Worries Me

Let's be honest, we were all shitting our pants when we heard a new fallout game was coming. We started imagining ourselves lost in a new wasteland murdering fellow travelers and destroying settlements. It felt like we were going to end the year with a huge singleplayer game.

E3 came and everyone's jaw dropped. Who imagined fallout being an online-only experience??!!

There's a huge backlash around this game. Many gamers are criticizing the game for simply not being fallout, while others are saying that trolls and griefers are going to be the end of the game. No one wants to see a bunch of trolls nuke their settlement, do they now?

The decision to not include Fallout 76 on steam, and removing human NPCs completely is only making the game's situation worse.

I'm not here to whine about how this game is bad, or that it shouldn't exist, or that it will destroy the Fallout franchise. I'm here to whine about another thing, something that has worried me ever since the game's announcement.

While everyone seems reluctant to embrace Bethesda's new idea, I'm doing what I do best and that's keeping an open mind.

I'm not one of those scumbags who starts hating on the game the second it's announced. Y'know, the kind that sleeps in the forums and feeds on hate posts.

 Bethesda's Todd Howard said that Fallout 76 is an experiment of some sort, that they're trying out a new idea. That's what worries me. Fallout is a singleplayer franchise, so what kind of experiment are they performing?

I worry that Bethesda is going the same path as Rockstar. We all know what Rockstar did to GTA. They tried something new, and that was implementing an online feature into their successful game. GTA Online became so big and profitable that they scrapped all singleplayer DLC in favor of putting more people on the online team.

Rockstar has already confirmed that there will be an online aspect to their new Wild Western game, and that has made many gamers worried that not much attention will be put into the singleplayer post-launch.

I've been following and reading every bit of information that Bethesda is dropping about Fallout 76 and I have no doubt that it's going to be a really successful game.

But the big question is: If this so-called experiment is successful, how do they intend to continue with it? I don't think Bethesda will say "Kay, Fallout 76 is a success, now let's forget it!!"

If this game makes millions from its microtransactions, Bethesda will surely want to include an online mode in their other fallout games.

Bethesda could become the next Rockstar. Imagine Fallout 5 arrives a few years later. It includes a singleplayer campaign and an online mode. They will release fewer story DLC and simply release free DLC for the online mode since that's the most profitable. That seems awfully similar to...  Oh, wait, I know, Rockstar!

Bethesda obviously knows their games have long lifespans due to mods. But the problem is that they usually don't make a lot of money from all these mods, so they want to increase their games' lifespan in a way that will make more money. The best way for that is adding online features. Just look at GTA 5. It's been 5 years and its still selling like crazy.

Keep in mind that mods are only allowed on PC. Therefore, if Fallout 76 becomes huge and makes a shit ton of money, Bethesda will surely add the online feature of Fallout 76 to their other games, maybe even other franchises like the elder scrolls franchise.

Adding online to their games will prolong the lifespan of their games on consoles as well. And with microtransactions, they will surely make money the longer their game lives.

They did the same thing with the Elder Scrolls in 2014. They made an online MMO. Now they're doing it to Fallout. It seems there's a pattern. If Bethesda is thinking about multiplayer and now will have a multiplayer version of their 2 biggest IPs, then they're looking for a change, and that change is leaning more to online.

That's what worries me. I enjoy singleplayer games more than online ones and when Bethesda, which creates big and expansive singleplayer games, starts thinking about implementing an online feature in a big singleplayer franchise as an experiment, it starts worrying me.

It's simple. If a huge company adds a feature or something new and it's a huge success, other developers and companies will surely follow suit to make more money.

In an industry that is leaning heavily into making multiplayer games simply because it will prolong the lifetime of the games and it will make more money, Fallout 76's success will surely make other developers think that multiplayer is the way to go.

I'm still debating if I'm going to be picking up this game because I don't know if an online fallout experience is for me. I prefer singleplayer games than online ones. But I will surely look out for it.

What are your opinions on this matter? Do you think Fallout 76 will be great or will it flop? Comment down below and let's have a discussion!


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