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5 Reasons Why Single player Games Rule

Who doesn't like a game with an immersive story and great gameplay? Ever since the evil company known as EA said "Single player games are dead, lol, deal with it!" a debate has surfaced about which kind of game is better, single player or multiplayer?

Well, I'm here to tell you to throw your k/d ratio and online stats in the bin, because here are 5 reasons why single player games rule over multiplayer.

Of course, all of these reasons are my opinion, so don't butcher me down in the comments.
Story You saw this coming.

Every single player game is unique because each game has a different story.

Each single player game offers us gamers a cast of characters who we either grow to hate or love.

When was the last time you played Call of Duty or Battlefield and felt different emotions?

A good single player story will make you feel fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, and surprise. An online game can't make you feel those.

If you've ever played a decent single play…

Why Fallout 76 Worries Me

Let's be honest, we were all shitting our pants when we heard a new fallout game was coming. We started imagining ourselves lost in a new wasteland murdering fellow travelers and destroying settlements. It felt like we were going to end the year with a huge singleplayer game.

E3 came and everyone's jaw dropped. Who imagined fallout being an online-only experience??!!

There's a huge backlash around this game. Many gamers are criticizing the game for simply not being fallout, while others are saying that trolls and griefers are going to be the end of the game. No one wants to see a bunch of trolls nuke their settlement, do they now?

The decision to not include Fallout 76 on steam, and removing human NPCs completely is only making the game's situation worse.

I'm not here to whine about how this game is bad, or that it shouldn't exist, or that it will destroy the Fallout franchise. I'm here to whine about another thing, something that has worried me ever since…