Esports: Why It's a Sport

Thousands upon thousands of people enter the Sang-am World Cup Stadium in Seoul to watch their favorite teams clash against each other. The audiences' excitement can be felt in the air. As the competition begins, fans start watching carefully, unaware of the stress the competitors are going through.

Millions of people watch events as such. These events are called esports, and they're one of the greatest things that have ever hit the internet and the gaming world. It has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the last few years and millions of people are enjoying watching their favorite teams compete against each other for possibly a million dollar prize.

But there's an age-old question that is yet to be answered. This ancient question is "Are esports sports?" This is perhaps the most controversial and widely asked question in the gaming industry. There are numerous ongoing debates on different forums and after doing my research I have come to the conclusion that e…

How Far Cry 3 Lost Its Uniqueness

The Far Cry franchise has become a household name due to many great games released throughout the years. Along with five main installments, a number of spin-offs have also been released, as well as numerous novels and adaptations. With the latest being Far Cry 5 a few months ago, I can't help realize a problem with the franchise that many people seem to notice.
    Let me tell you a bit of Far Cry history. The original Far Cry game was not developed by Ubisoft, it was developed by another studio called Crytek. The original game was vastly different than the games we know today. It was a linear game featuring 20 or so levels for you to play.
    Far Cry 2 came around a few years later and introduced open world elements. Though it was really enjoyable, it also suffered from many problems. Story missions were far and spaced in-between, the gunplay was clunky, the guns sort of felt heavy (I don't know...), the open world was lacking, and it also suffered from mediocre characte…