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The History of Collectables in Video Games

It is a completionist's worst nightmare to purchase a game and discover that there are a total of 700+ collectables found in the game's world.

I am a semi-completionist, if that word exists, and sometimes I do embark on the quest to collect all of the collectables in a game, even if it means dozens of hours wasted on a tedious part of a game.

While playing Red Dead Redemption 2, I found that there are a plethora of collectables, ranging from dinosaur bones to rock carvings to dreamcatchers and exotics. While collecting these, I asked myself, when did collectables become mainstream that almost every game includes them?

Without further a do, I'm going to share my findings on the Internet about the history of collectables.
The Pioneers There isn't an exact game that featured and introduced collectables for the very first time.
What we know, however, that collectables first started to appear in arcade games around the 80s. Games like Pac-Man, which its entire gameplay fea…

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